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Legal Blog Writing: Helping You With Your Blog Content

Whilst many law firms have a blog, it remains one of the most under-utilised tactics in law firm marketing. Here at Curated Media, we feel that having a relevant blog, that is consistently updated with quality content, is key to business online.

At Curated Media, we are experts at blogging for law firms. We pride ourselves on finding the balance be-tween satisfying the blogging needs of our clients and giving their audience what they want.

Why is Blogging Important For Law Firms?

Having an engaging and high quality blog shows customers that your firm is both passionate and authorita-tive in its areas of legal practice. It is important to ensure that content is added regularly and is of excep-tionally high quality. You can no longer afford to put out short and rushed blog posts - you’re meeting your competitors online and customers can compare you instantly. You want to ensure you are showing them the professionalism they should expect from your firm.

Furthermore, having this high quality content and a blog that is regularly updated, means that your firm is more likely to be found in search. Without new and engaging content, search engine optimisation simply doesn't work. Consistent blogging is key for driving traffic to your site.

Another thing you may not know about blogging is that it allows other sites greater opportunity to link to your website. Once your website has received a good volume of these links, it will be considered an authori-tative resource on the subject matter - another reason to ensure your blog contains superior content.

Blogging is also a great way to boost your social media footprint. If you are regularly producing entertaining and informative blog posts, you will want to share them - and so will everyone else. Sharing your blog con-tent on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google plus, can greatly further your reach on social media and generate more enquiries for your firm.

Another way blogs are a fantastic tool for a law firm’s marketing strategy is that it allows greater engage-ment with potential clients. Clients can share and comment on your blog, as well as asking questions. This gives you greater insight into your ideal customer base, as well as promoting your firm as helpful and effi-cient. In addition, comments on your blog send social signals to search engines, allowing you to be more prominent online.

Blogging isn’t just about improving search results and growing your social network, it is also about creating and providing resources. You can use your blog content to create guidance notes to give to clients, FAQ sheets or even a small book on your subject area. By blogging strategically, we can create assets for your company that can be used in the future, and those assets up to date to reflect changes in the law.

Creating Your Law Firm's Blog Content

At Curated Media, we are passionate about content, and we know law firms. We are a team of lawyers, writ-ers and digital marketing experts who want to help you build your brand online through blogging. Our inter-ests are simple: we just want to provide excellent, well-ranking content.

We can also help you in other ways. We can provide you with a bespoke content strategy, tailored to fit your firm’s business needs. We will get to know you and your business and work with you to determine what kind of content works best and how frequently this content is required. We will also do what we pride our-selves on - provide content. Our writers come from a legal background and so understand the problems faced by firms trying to express legal issues to clients. Our professional blogging services means ensuring you find the right tone for potential clients, and give them content that is entertaining, engaging and in-formative.

Blogging for Lawyers & Law Firms in the UK and Beyond

Our blogging services don’t come in packages because we provide you with exactly what you and your cli-ents need. Get in touch today and we will provide you with a free content audit to better understand your business and how its personality can be amplified online.

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