Advanced Content Marketing & Copywriting For Employment Law Firms

At Curated Media, we help employment law firms reach their target audience. We create bespoke content that communicates their brand and is relevant to those looking for legal services, and use advanced content marketing techniques, methods and processes to make sure content performs.

People looking for employment law advice, whether employers or employees, are increasingly going online to research their employment issue and the law firms they think might be able to help them. In response, employment law firms are engaging in content marketing in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In this increasingly competitive market, it is important to stand out from the crowd and impress visitors with your knowledge of their employment law issues and how the law applies to them. This means that creating high-quality content according to an advanced content marketing strategy can make all the difference.

What is Content Marketing For Employment Law Firms?

At Curated Media, we specialise in creating optimised content for law firms. In order to create content of the highest quality, we believe it is imperative to know our clients, and their customers. Whilst numerous law firms attempt to produce content, at Curated Media we develop engaging and relevant content that will captivate potential customers who visit your site looking for employment law advice.

We understand that working within the rapidly moving field of employment law can mean that content marketing will be one of the last things on your mind. We also understand that for many employment law firms, it is important for them to attract employer clients, employee clients or both. We have vast experience writing content on behalf of employment law firms designed to appeal to a diverse range of client-bases, and can offer advice on the best way to create content that appeals to your desired market.

While we work with numerous clients in the legal sector, we understand that every firm requires unique, optimised content that is appropriate to their specific needs. We offer a vast range of content in various mediums, whether you’re looking for blog posts, informative videos, articles, a website rewrite or lawyer profiles; and we use our advanced content marketing expertise to make sure content gets results.

How Can Content Marketing Help My Employment Law Firm?

A vast majority of the population is likely to experience an employment law issue at some point in their career. This is one of the reasons that employment cases and issues are of such interest to the public, often appearing in media or discussed online. At Curated Media, we can integrate the latest news and developments with your own message, aimed at your ideal client. We create unique optimised content with specialist calls to action, linked to other relevant content that aims to help users identify the legal services you offer relevant to their employment law query. Customers want to be assisted appropriately when visiting an employment law site. By having high-quality content on numerous platforms, you are engaging and reaching-out to clients in a different way from your competitors.

While keeping your clients informed of recent employment law cases is important, continually updating your site with relevant quality content is also vital for gaining the trust of search engines. The more your content engages with users in a positive and authoritative way, the more it will be rewarded online by being highly ranked on search engine results pages.

Optimisation is key for any site, but with employment law being such a competitive field, it is crucial to create and maximise the potential of content by following an advanced content marketing strategy. At Curated Media, our team of legal writers, specialist marketers and web analysts will ensure your content is pushed in the right direction.

What Can Curated Media Do For Employment Law Firms & Employment Lawyers?

Our unique and varied content helps you grow as a company online. As well as contributing relevant updates on your blog, we can help you develop optimal landing pages and articles on various issues of employment law, such as settlement agreements and employment tribunals. We also produce other relevant types of content that build and communicate your brand, such as lawyer profiles, FAQs and case studies based on your successes.

At Curated Media, our passion is to create high-quality content that works. Our team of legal writers, marketers and web analysts work tirelessly to ensure that your site is regularly updated with superior content to your rivals, and that it attracts more potential clients to your site.

Content Marketing, Tailored to Employment Law Firms

Regardless of whether you are an established or new employment law firm, we can help. To find out how we can improve your content strategy and online ranking, start your Content Odyssey or make an enquiry.

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