Content Marketing For Commercial Law Firms

“We do things differently” - this is the claim of almost every commercial law firm online; that they are smarter and more dynamic than the others. But how can you really show this to potential clients? We believe its by putting your ideas out there for all to see - through content marketing.

At Curated Media, we believe in getting to know our clients so they can get to know themselves. We can help you build your brand and find out how different you really are. In a rapidly evolving online world, it’s no longer enough to tell potential clients of your values and expertise, you need to show them.

What is Content Marketing for Commercial Law Firms?

Content marketing is pretty simple - it is basically any form of marketing that involves the creation, publish-ing and distribution of content with the aim of acquiring and retaining customers. Put even more simply: if you build it, they will come.

Content marketing for commercial law firms involves showing expertise and brand personality. Had success in a niche case? Let’s write a blog about it. New legislation that may be of interest to potential clients? Let’s make it simple and give them some easy-to-digest information. Is your team working hard on CSR projects? Let’s make a video to show how much your firm cares. Content marketing shows the world what you can do, what makes you different from other firms and why it’s worth working with you - just like how this page should show you why you should work with us.

How Can Content Marketing Help My Business?

For law firms and lawyers, getting content marketing right remains a challenge. Whilst most firms do pro-duce content such as client newsletters or legal news updates, firms often fail to present this in a way that is enticing or useful to their target audience. Whilst these forms of content marketing let the audience know you’re trying, there is only one real reason clients engage in law firm content - they want their problem solved, and they want the best person to solve it.

Content marketing provides a means of drawing in potential clients through the information you provide to them.

For example, a business owner has decided they are selling up and moving on, however they don't really know much about the best way to do it. They search online for “Best way to sell a business” or “How do I sell my business” and it leads them to your site because you have relevant and quality content - and Google likes quality content…

The site provides them with details of the different legal ways this can be done, explained simply and con-cisely along with practical advice - you could even have a video or podcast. The client sees you differently from other law firms because you have truly helped them and given them practical information in a way they understand. By engaging clients in this way, you distinguish your firm as being helpful, forward-thinking and dynamic. You do things differently.

What Can Curated Media Do For Commercial Law Firms?

We know content marketing, and we know commercial law firms. We understand that although you may be an expert in your field, that the fast paced environment in which you work isn't quite suited to dedicating time to developing your brand online. However, why let this hold you back?

At Curated Media, we’re all about strategy. In order to use content marketing effectively, we need to devel-op a strategy for creating, publishing and distributing great quality content in sufficient quantity to attract clients to your business. However, we understand that each of our clients is unique, and will require a strat-egy tailored to their business needs.

We work with our clients to find out what they want to put into the online world, be it insightful blog posts, informative videos, infographics for business or even research papers. We have a team of commercial law experts who understand where you’re coming from and why what you say is important for your clients.

However, because we are content marketing specialists, we put your message in an informative and engag-ing way that potential clients will understand, building your reputation and drawing in business for you and your firm. We also have the means to distribute your content effectively, using social media to reach a wider audience. After all, why create great quality content if no one is going to see it?

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Hopefully, you see that we’re passionate about content and what it can do for your firm. We like to be crea-tive and innovative, and constantly strive to improve and perfect our offering. Our service doesn't come in packages, we deliver what you need. We do things differently. Get in touch to start building your content strategy with us.

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