Content Marketing For Immigration Law Firms

Firms specialising in immigration law want to ensure their customers feel confident in their ability to organise their affairs when coming to the UK. However, often this message is lost in translation. Perpetual change to the immigration rules coupled with busy practice doesn’t make for the most user-friendly experience when it comes to providing information for potential clients - but we can change that. We believe that the best way to win business is by giving the client information they need, in terms they understand - in other words, through content marketing.

At Curated Media, we practice what we preach. We like to speak to our own clients in terms they understand and get to know how their firm wants to talk to their clients. We can help you find the right tone to express yourself and draw in clients who are lost in a world of complicated legal jargon.

What is Content Marketing for Immigration Law Firms?

Content marketing isn’t complicated. It is any form of marketing that involves creating, publishing and dis-tributing content in order to acquire customers.

Content marketing for immigration law firms involves showing how much you understand about different situations clients may find themselves in, and how well you keep up with the law. It’s about showing how much you have learnt from your clients, anticipating what new clients might need and answering their ques-tions. Your potential clients aren’t interested in the considerations behind immigration policy, but they do want to know if their family can come and join them if they reside in the UK, or how their overseas assets will be dealt with in divorce. Let us help you, help them. We speak their language, and your firm can too.

Content marketing shows the world how you work and what makes you different from other immigration law firms. Make it simple and let it be heard. We told you it wasn’t complicated.

How Can Content Marketing Help My Firm?

Having a busy practice is something of a double edged sword. With all the time spent working hard for your clients, there is no time to win new clients online. Also, when lawyers do produce content for the website, while it is usually very informed, it is rarely presented in a way that is digestible for clients or optimised in a way that makes it easy to find.

There is only one reason clients search for legal content online, and its not a passion for visa requirements. The want their questions answered, their problem solved and the best person to help them do it.

Content marketing allows the clients you desire to find you online through the information you provide to them. For example, a potential client is looking to come to the UK as an entrepreneur, but has no real idea of the processes and procedures involved. They search online for “UK visa requirements for entrepreneurs” or “how do I become an entrepreneur in the UK” and it leads them to your site because you have relevant, high quality content - and search engines like high quality content.

Your website provides them with the answers to their questions, as well as practical advice about coming to the UK under the required visa - you can even have a ‘checklist’ of considerations. The client now views you differently from the other firms, you have truly helped them. You speak their language.

What Can Curated Media Do For Me?

At Curated Media, we are a team of lawyers, writers and content marketing experts. We know law firms, and we know content marketing. We understand that dealing with your clients’ immigration law problems is your priority and that as a result, building your brand online can take a back seat - but why let this hold your firm back from winning business?

We don’t just provide content, our real value lies in providing strategy. We work with each of our clients to find out about their business, the clients they want to attract and how best to tailor our approach to their needs. In order to reap the benefits of content marketing, we need to find a strategy for you for creating, publishing and distributing great quality content in sufficient volume to attract clients to your business.
We want to know what you want put into the online world. Want to let potential clients know how much their case matters to you? Let’s make a short video about your firms commitment. Overcome a number of diffi-culties in a novel case? Let’s write a blog post about it. Is your firm raising money for a good cause relevant to your target audience? Let us share this message with the online world. We can create and distribute any kind of content you need, and because we have a legal background, we understand where you’re coming from and why what you say is important for your clients.

However, we also have perfected our craft and can put your message across in a unique and interesting way that potential clients can engage with. We want to make their lives easier, and yours too. We under-stand how engaging and high quality content brings in business, we also know the right avenues to get that content out there. What’s the point of creating a masterpiece if no one is going to see it?

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We hope you see our passion for what we do. We thrive on creativity, innovation and results, but we also like to be challenged. Our service doesn't come in packages, we create a bespoke strategy to help your business move forward the way you want it to. We speak your language. Get in touch today for your free content audit and to start building your future with us.

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