Content Marketing Strategy For Small Law Firms

It can be challenging for small law firms to make their mark online, particularly when they lack the same resources, staff and investment as larger competitors. However with high-quality, unique content, created and published as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, you can ensure that your voice is heard online and that your firm's overall reputation is enhanced. Expertly written legal web copy, as an ongoing investment, will continue to deliver results for your firm - get in touch with us today to find out how This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

How Can Content Marketing Benefit Smaller Law Firms?   

The online audience is global. For this reason, content marketing is arguably more important than your office when it comes to reaching new clients and raising your profile. Your contribution to the online world is made via your website and - you guessed it - your site's content. Your law firm's site is likely to be the first point of contact for those looking for information about your firm and whether they should instruct you. Regardless of the size of your business, in order to thrive online and outshine competitors, it is paramount to have optimised content that reaches the right audience. You want to position your firm as leaders in your areas of practice. Carefully crafted content, strategically published to channels relevant to your audiences will establish your firm as a thought leader. 

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Why is Content Marketing So Valuable?

It’s difficult to find a content marking guide that doesn’t include the phrase ‘quality content is king’, so why the focus on content all of a sudden? This is because Google and other search engines are frequently being updated to reward high-quality content that appeals to, and benefits, online users. The ever-evolving sophisticated nature of search engines today means that it's not enough to occasionally upload legal copy that's been hurriedly put together. Brand-aligned quality content is a sophisticated form of advertising. There's an art to content marketing and we can show you how to master it. 

We Understand that Content Creation Takes Time.

To succeed online, it's important to publish original content that is unique to you and your law firm and relevant to your clients - which in itself, presents a challenge for smaller legal practices. Finding the time to create this type of content on a regular basis can fall down your to-do list when you have clients to manage and ultimately, fees to earn. At Curated Media, we can help. Whether you offer services for a specific practice area, industry or demographic, we produce content that reflects your expertise and is relevant to your clients and then direct it towards the right audience.

What Can Curated Media Do For Small Law Firms?

Our team of legal writers and marketers offer tailor-made content marketing solutions for your firm that will establish your credentials in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. Before we begin to create your content, we make sure we're well versed in your areas of expertise, as well as understanding your firm's own unique culture and ethos, so you can be sure your publications are of the highest quality. We understand that many lawyers, particularly those in small law firms, struggle to find the time to write public-facing content. By allowing Curated Media to create content on your behalf, you can be sure that your content will perform well - i.e. have impact. By combining our knowledge of the law with our digital marketing experience, we produce relevant and optimised content for small law firms like yours, and help them nourish their online business and reputation.

Get In Touch. 

Although you may have the resources of a small law firm, Curated Media can help you develop an online presence that rivals that of even the biggest firms. To find out how we can help your small legal practice get a large online audience, get in touch with our team using our online contact form.

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