No identity or
multiple identities?
Neither work...

Consistent and Persuasive Lawyer Profiles

For many lawyers their online profile is largely confined to the formulaic biographic type content that routinely features on the “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page of their website. Such content is exceptionally important as pages of this type are routinely amongst the most visited pages of any site. This can often occur due to the lawyers contact details being sought or simply a desire to laugh at the profile photographs that have been selected!

Creating effective profiles for your lawyers - for your law firm's website and across multiple social media channels

Taking the time to create an effective online profile though extends far beyond a brief paragraph on any “Our Lawyers” page. Multiple online channels now exist and it is important that your clients and prospective clients are able to see that you have a coherent and consistent professional identity across them all.

A branded approach showcasing your lawyers as industry leaders

Curated Media will work with you to create such an identity, a branded approach that will showcase you and your law firm as industry leaders. And one that easily shows clients all of the types of content that you have worked with us to create. And all of the reasons why you and your firm are the people to trust to meet their legal needs...

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