Video Marketing for Law Firms: Visually Engage Your Clients

Clients find many legal concepts challenging. They also find the prospect of engaging a solicitor intimidating – not just perhaps because of the content of their legal issue but also because of the reputation of solicitors as being less than friendly.

The perfect medium for lawyers to educate and connect

Video is the perfect medium for lawyers to educate and connect with prospective clients and existing ones too. Research shows that online visitors much prefer to watch an informative professional video to gain knowledge rather than wading through dense text that is often presented in an unengaging way. The video footage allows your potential client to assess your manner, your ability to communicate on their area of need and a general feel for the professionalism of your offering. When combined with an effective online profile showcasing your approach and values a compelling offering is made to the client, one that will lead to instructions.

Search engines love quality video content

The good news is that search engines love quality video content (Google owns YouTube after all) and rewards it with prominence in online search results. The even better news is that this is a much underused medium by lawyers leading to significant opportunity for those who get it right.

Professional video content for your law firm

Curated Media can work with you to create highly professional video content which will be placed on to your site in a structured way to maximise the opportunity, presented to channels such as  YouTube and search to maximise audience potential.

And don’t worry, we always find your best angle, just as you do for your clients...

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