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Whitepapers for Law Firms: Be a Thought Leader and Drive Business

You and your law firm know an awful lot about your areas of legal practice, information you have gathered through years of research and operating at the coalface. What steps do you take to showcase this knowledge? In all likelihood probably none. The process is usually frustrated due to lack of time and uncertainty around a strategy to get the content read by the target audience.

Blending Legal Knowledge with Writing Skills to Create the Most Effective Whitepapers and Website Content

Curated Media blend legal knowledge with writing skills. All of our writers are legally qualified and their work is then edited by experienced writers whose skills lie in communicating messages effectively. We obviously don’t know as much about your area of law as you do – so we work with you to determine your needs and then we do the research, create content strategically around the agreed topic and ensure that your key message is captured.

Why bother to create such content?

Google wants to recognise “thought leaders” and “authority voices” in relation to all topics, law included. One way they recognise such people is through the depth of quality content they create around their area of expertise. Once recognised they then exhibit the content produced by such people very prominently in search results, bringing you an audience that is highly interested in what you offer.

  • Clients want to instruct the best lawyers they can find for their own particular legal need. In depth content and search prominence deliver immediate authority – meaning people are going to read what you have to say and instruct you.
  • Clients are always looking for reassurance that they are making the right decision – showcasing your knowledge in an in depth manner brings that reassurance
  • Clients will look at a number of law firms and solicitors before choosing who to instruct. If you have in depth industry leading content you will trump your competitors who have only superficial information on their site about what they know and can bring to bear on behalf of their clients.

Whitepaper drafting & legal marketing help for lawyers and law firms

Everyone is hoping to get the best service they can secure. Clients though are rarely in a good position to determine who the best people actually are – so tell them, in an authoritative way they will understand and value...

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