The law is fast-paced and ever changing, constantly adapting to developments in society. We think the legal sector should be this way too.

When it comes to utilising technology and digitalisation, the legal sector is falling behind. Lawyers are having the same conversations again and again – the same conversations they have been having for the last 15 years. As banking, finance, design, medicine, technology, media and almost all other sectors move forward, the legal sector remains largely unchanged. But we are on the brink of a revolution.

We now expect everything we could ever want at the touch of a button. In an app, using voice search, in virtual reality - and all on a mobile device. We even want our devices to anticipate what we might need, and to make suggestions to improve our lives.

Curated Media isn’t just talking about the future, we are working with partners in law and technology to build it. Gamification, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will soon be part of the everyday. Each of these is a medium, but they need insight and intelligence to make them work. That is where Curated Media comes in. We provide the legal knowledge and practical solutions to populate these platforms, drawing on expertise and skill from our in-house, and specially curated freelance team.

The future is coming, help shape it.


Knowledge is power, and for too long that power has been held in the hands of lawyers. We work with legal sector partners to develop and populate knowledge sharing platforms, educating people on the legal topics they need to know about.

People are learning more than ever before - and lawyers are becoming fearful of their own demise. The truth is, we will always need lawyers. But every forecasting trend suggests that the law firms that will continue to prosper are those who embrace knowledge sharing, helping their clients understand their legal problems, and what they can do to avoid them.

Our extensive network of legal writers, researchers, practicing lawyers, and legal information experts allow us to produce large volumes of accurate and insightful legal content. We have worked on a number platforms aimed at consumers, businesses and the legal sector, to inform users about the law. We know the law can be difficult, and that is why we have cultivated our team to ensure that we can always provide users with content they understand using a medium that is useful to them.

The future is an information democracy, and the legal sector is no exception.  


Our business thrives on facilitating the grand ideas of forward thinking lawyers. We only work on projects that we feel passionate about – a claim not many businesses can make.

Curated Media has worked with firms big and small on a number of projects that have the potential to change the legal landscape. Without collaboration, these ideas wouldn’t come to life. Our project management experience and extensive creative network, as well as our knowledge of how the legal sector operates, enables us to find the right solutions for those we work with.

We think of our business relationships as partnerships. This means that we are not just providing you with services, but are invested in pushing on your project and brining it to full realisation.

We’re excited about what we can create together, and for where our next collaboration might lead us.

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