Advanced Content Marketing & Legal Copywriting For Family Law Firms

Many firms who create their own content whenever they have free time are failing to relate to and reach their audience. At Curated Media, we help family law firms build their presence online and reach out to potential clients. We do this by using advanced content marketing techniques and tools to create and publish high quality, unique content relevant to people with a family law issue on the behalf on family law firms.

For many law firms, their website is often the first point of contact for potential clients. While the design and usability of a site helps clients obtain an immediate feel for the brand of the firm, it is through the content that they are able to gauge whether they should get in contact about a legal matter.

This crucial decision-making process can make all the difference to law firms and lawyers operating in the highly competitive field of family law. By engaging in content marketing specific to law firms, you can demonstrate your brand and legal expertise to potential clients and build that essential element that often leads individuals with a family law matter to get in touch – i.e. trust.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Family Law Firms?

The proliferation of legal information online means it’s important for law firms to stand out from the crowd and make their differences known. Your content can help clients see what differentiates you from your competitors and makes your firm special, demonstrating that you’re the right firm to help them with their family law matter.

Content marketing for family law firms isn’t only about providing information on family law issues and legal services directly relevant to your target client. It involves distributing content on social media channels populated by people who need legal advice and assistance. It’s also about making sure content appeals to search engines so that it’s ranked highly on results pages.

Google rewards high-quality content by placing firms and companies with trusted content higher in the rankings than sites relying on old practices, such as keyword-stuffing. Essentially, this means that the higher the quality of your content, and the better optimised it is to perform online, the more trusted and prominent you will be in search results when someone has a family law query. Content marketing therefore gives your firm more exposure, effectively giving you a central position in the digital shop window.

What Can Curated Media Do For Family Law Firms & Family Lawyers?

At Curated Media, we not only have a passion and drive to create content, but we have the legal, marketing and technical background that can make your business grow online. We are dedicated to our clients and believe that by getting to know them, we can help them grow their business online. We understand what their clients are looking for and what works in the digital world of legal marketing.

We create, publish, distribute and manage high-quality content on behalf of family law firms that is relevant to target case types and clients and increases engagement and enquiries. People with family law issues want to know why they should choose you and what advice and support you can give them. At Curated Media, we ensure that if there is a certain niche you want to target, e.g. divorce, your content will reflect this. We also ensure your content reflects your brand and is relevant to you. If you have been involved in a high profile case or been successful in an “against all odds” legal battle, we will create content communicating this to the visitors on your site to demonstrate how capable you are.

By using advanced content marketing and SEO techniques, we will make sure your content appears in search and reaches your audience. Not only are we experts in creating quality, optimised content, but we also specialise in content strategy. Our marketing specialists and legal writers will be able to suggest and publish content that will see you improve your online presence. We are skilled on creating many different types of content, including website rewrites, new landing pages, articles and blogs, press releases, lawyer profiles and videos. All of which is carefully sculpted to help your business grow online.

Advanced Content Marketing for Family Law Firms

Curated Media is an advanced content marketing agency for law firms that has the passion, knowledge and drive to ensure that your content marketing strategy is the best for you and will directly contribute to your business by encouraging further enquiries. We understand that it can be difficult to maintain and manage your content marketing while running a profitable family law firm. At Curated Media, we have the necessary skills and expertise to produce high-quality content on your behalf that helps you grow your business online, so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your clients. For more information about what content creation for family law firms is all about, start your Content Odyssey or make an enquiry.

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