Content Marketing For Private Client Law Firms

Firms specialising in private client matters know how important it is to let clients know they can trust you and that you care. However, how do you get this message across to prospective clients? When people are looking for advice on personal legal and financial matters, they want someone who understands, who cares - who they can trust. We believe that the best way to win that trust is by giving potential clients the infor-mation they need, in terms they understand - in other words, through content marketing.

Here at Curated Media, we like our clients to trust us too. We get to know the firms we work with, find out why clients should choose them and what makes them different. Then we let the world at large know what makes you such a great firm. We find you the right tone for putting your message across and give potential clients peace of mind that they can stop searching - they have found a law firm they cant trust and that real-ly cares about their affairs.

What is Content Marketing for Private Client Law Firms?

Content marketing is all about communicating your brand and useful information with your customers. It can be any form of marketing that involves creating, publishing and distributing content in order to win custom-ers.

Content marketing for private client law firms involves showing both your depth of knowledge and experi-ence in the area, but also showing clients that they can trust you with their affairs. This might involve writing blog posts about recent successes, making a video about the importance of tax planning and even show-ing the world who your team are and why they should choose them on your firm’s website.

Letting potential clients know more about your associates and your firm through content marketing convinc-es potential clients that they can enter into a relationship with your firm - not use a faceless business for a one-off transaction. For private client work, we understand the importance of what can be a lifelong rela-tionship with clients. Content marketing is not a gimmick, it’s an investment. We can help you invest in a high quality content marketing strategy you can trust.

How Can Content Marketing Help My Firm?

We understand that being busy working hard for your clients means there’s often no time to win new clients online. This is where content marketing can help you. Every now and again you may be tasked with produc-ing a piece of content for the website, or you may instruct others to do so. Whilst this content may be very informed, often it is something that is not done consistently, or it isn’t presented in a way that is useful for the end-user or optimised to be found by Google.

Many law firms write posts about new legal developments and niche areas of the law, however this is not what clients want to find online. There is only one reason people search online for private client law firms - because they want their legal questions answered.

Content marketing allows the clients looking for private client lawyers to find you and helps generate enquir-ies of value for your firm. If you have content relevant to their problems on your site, you genuinely help them and they want to work with you.

For example, a potential client is concerned about their ageing parents because they do now have a will or a power of attorney in place, in fact they are not even very sure how power of attorney works.They search online for “what is a power of attorney” and they come across your site - this is because you have high qual-ity, informative, optimised content - which Google values. You have very informative information about the role of an attorney and why it is important to make a will, you even have information sheets that can be printed so that the client can suggest the idea to their parents and give them the information. Your content has genuinely informed the client, they now trust that you want to help them and are knowledgeable in your subject area. You have begun the client relationship without even doing any additional work.

What Can Curated Media Do For Me?

Curated Media are a team of lawyers, writers and content marketing experts. We understand law firms, and we know content marketing. Whilst dealing with your client’s legal problems and concerns is your number one priority, this shouldn’t mean that your online personality should wait for the day that never comes - we can help you shine online, and let your clients come to you.

Here at Curated Media, we are more than a content provider. Our true value to your firm is in the content marketing strategy we can provide. We like to get to know our clients and build a strategy that suits them and can best address their business needs. We find out about how your business works, the clients you want to attract and how you want to present yourself online. In order to use content marketing effectively, we need to find the best strategy for you to produce and distribute high quality content in sufficient volume to attract your ideal customers.

We can provide and distribute any kind of content you need. Furthermore, because we all come from a legal background, we understand the law and why what you put out is important to your clients. We also special-ise in making the law digestible, putting across the legal facts in a unique and engaging way that clients can understand. Engaging, high quality content shows professionalism and brings in business - especially cou-pled with the knowledge of the best ways to make this content visible in search. After all, why work hard creating content if no one is going to see it?

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